March 2017

First Semester



        5              Staff In-Service

        6              First Day Students



     1-12            School Break

      12              Staff In-Service

      15              School Resumes



        5              Labor Day Holiday

       29             MOSD Golf Tournament



    10-14          Fall School Break



        3              Staff In-Service

    21-25          Thanksgiving Holiday Break



      16              MOSD Christmas Party   (1/2 day)

    19-31          Christmas Holiday Break

Second Semester



         2           Holiday Break

         3           School Resumes

       16           Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday



   16-17           Staff In-Service



   13-17           Spring School Break



     10               Family field trip to the zoo

                       (parents responsible for transporting)

     14               Good Friday

   17-21            School Break



     25              Graduation / last day of school    (1/2 day)

   26-31           School Break



    1-30            School Break


 First Semester                         96 days

 Second Semester                    89 days

    Total student school days   185




    Inclement Weather Policy

MOSD observes the same dismissal policy as Germantown Municipal Schools.  Please check your local television, radio station or website for announcements concerning closings or early dismissal due to inclement weather.




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