It's the Wild, Wild West at MOSD!

We had lots of adventures here at MOSD during the month of March, but none compare to the adventures we had during Wild Wild West Week! The last week of March was so much fun for the students as they prepared for the Rodeo Round Up on Thursday, March 30th.  They learned new vocabulary all week that corresponded with the western theme.  They made stick horses at home with their parents to ride at the corral and the barrel races during the rodeo. In the classroom, they made western vests, hats and sheriff badges to wear to the rodeo.  We ended our adventure by eating flapjacks by the fireside.  It was a perfect way to end the day!

We hope you have half the fun viewing the photos of the rodeo as we did participating in it.  As always, "Thank You" for supporting these students at the Memphis Oral School for the Deaf - "YEE HAW!"

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