Our Donors & Friends

                        The greatest return on an investment is to give it a voice.

The cost to educate one child is $50,000 per year. Because of your help, no child has ever been turned away for a family’s inability to pay. Your support is vital to insuring that these children receive the necessary services at the most critical time for learning speech and language. 

Our most sincere thanks to these individuals, businesses and organizations for your gifts to MOSD.  With your generous support our children can say "Thank You" for themselves!

Your gifts throughout the year provide specialized speech and language training - without the use of sign language - so that our young students are prepared to go to their local kindergarten with their hearing classmates, ready to learn and succeed.

Thank you to those who have supported MOSD! 2016-2017

JANUARY, 2017  Germantown Women's Club, J. Crew, Oberkotter Foundation, ,The K Foundation, White Station High School, June Boswell, Tina Conner, Ray Cross, Mindy Fischer, Carole Gray, Susan Kingston, Doug Laurie, Hannah Beth Scott, Michele Smith, Schuyler Smith, Teresa Sweeney, Susan & Jerry Edmonds, Joyce Summitt, Rosemary Higginbotham, Donna & Pat Hoffman, Beth & David Pickler, Teresa & George Schwartz, Joan Ward, Mr. and Mrs. David Whitehead

DECEMBER, 2016 Henry Bowen, Amber Cagle, Chris & Mary Campbell, Barbara K. Campbell, Alan Chambers, Judge Robert & Mrs.Childers, Cedric & Carol Chinn, Erika Cobb, Larry & Ouida Cowan, Tom Crutcher, Glenn & Nathalie Davis, Dazzle, Inc., Ruth Edmonds, Bill Freeman, George & Elaine Gill, Paul & Melissa Gogonelis, Dorothy Grover, Joy Tayloe Hancock, Virginia Hart, John Hicks, Rosemary Higginbotham, Patrick & Donna Hoffman, Louise Hoffmann, Don Holland, George & Betty Johnson, Hugh Jones, Michael & Lindy Kent, Paige Laurie, Frank & Mary Markus, Waverly & Perri McFarland, Alan & Tricia McLeod, Ron & Sylvia McSwain, Paul & Debbie Padawer, Ken Pasley, Robert Phillips, John Pickens & Suzanne Satterfield, Beth & David Pickler, Merle & Janis Richardson, Michelle Rose, Mike Russell, Linda Salisbury, Anita Schrimsher, Alexa Shelley, Holly & Gary Strasberg, Kirk Taylor, Lisa Terry, Melodie Terwilliger, Alfred Thesmar, Juan & Elma Vazquez, Mark & Sandra Voog, Ann Wieties, Kyle Wiltse, Thomas & June Wood

NOVEMBER 2016 Orwa & Shiffa Awwad, Cary & Daphne Bawcum, Debbie Branan, Erika Cobb, Cassandra Duncan, Lisa Gill, Rosemary Higginbotham, Chelsea Jones, James & MissyProsser, Ashley & Ginger Ragan, Jennifer Sisson, Homer & Cathy Skelton, Casey & Laura Taylor, Natalia Yarger, Mustangs of Memphis, Valero Memphis Refinery, Innovo Publishing, Kendra Scott, Kroger Gift Services, Monogram Loves Kids Foundation, Mustangs of Memphis, Ron & Willadean Hogue, Rickey & Teresa Cradle, Ajay Dalal & Stephanie Connelly, Rocky & Sally Janda, Charles & Peggy Larkin, Charlie & Maureen Smithers, Cindy & Jason Wilkes, David & Debbie Williams, Doyle & Linda Mosley, Alexa Shelley, Larry & Lee Sisson, Greg & Kimberly Ring, Jerry & Susan Edmonds, Jeanette Mayo, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Teresa & George Schwartz, Joe Brooks, Janie Day, Hughetta Dudley, Rick Grover, Tim Edwards, Minh Le, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jonathan Neil, Lacey Adair Bishop, Beth & David Pickler, William & Kelly Pridgen, Joe Sanders

OCTOBER 2016 Rick & Carol Kirby, Greystone & Company, Inc, Elise Rodriguez, Jeanette Mayo, Teresa Schwartz, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Rick Grover, Joe Brooks, Janie Day, Hughetta Dudley, Tim Edwards, Minh Le, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jennifer Pearson, Jonathan Neil, Lacey Adair Bishop, David Pickler, William & Kelly Pridgen, Joe Sanders

SEPTEMBER 2016 ACH Food Companies,GPAC, Janice & Benjamin Isenberg Fund, Kiwanis Club of Germantown, Regions Bank, Simmons Bank, Scott Kern, Southland Park Gaming & Racing, Subsidium Inc., Thomas & Betts/ABB, Gary Austin,  Stueart Hudsmith, Scott Kern, Debby McElroy-Clark, John Moultrie, Ginger Ragan, , Carl & Avon Spears, Winn Stephenson, Wave & Perri McFarland, Rosemary Higginbotham, Wells Fargo Advisors, Homer Skelton Ford, Trigon Sports, Glassman, Wyatt, Tuttle & Cox, Titan Pallet, ARS-Conway Services, Watkins Uiberall, PLLC, Scott Equipment Company, Stragistics Technology, www.KALiiN.com, Larry & Lee Sisson, Lawn Solutions, GTS Technologies, Paragon Bank, Veesart Financial, Amy & Glen Newman, Northcentral Electric Power, Susan & Jerry Edmonds, Evolve Bank & Trust, GAMMA ACRES, Odyssey Medical, Homer Skelton Dodge Jeep Chrysler, Jeanette Mayo, Teresa Schwartz, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Rick Grover, Joe Brooks, Janie Day, Hughetta Dudley, Tim Edwards, Minh Le, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jennifer Pearson, Jonathan Neil, Lacey Adair Bishop, David Pickler, William & Kelly Pridgen, Joe Sanders

AUGUST 2016 Wild at Heart Photography, Barbara K. Campbell, Carl & Avon Spears, David & Beth Pickler, Estate of Barbara Marshall, MOSD Staff, Innovo Publishing, Shops of Saddle Creek,  IBM, Kroger Gift Services, Wells Fargo Foundation, Jeanette Mayo, Teresa Schwartz, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Rick Grover, Joe Brooks, Janie Day, Hughetta Dudley, Tim Edwards, Minh Le, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jennifer Pearson,  Andy Pearson, Jonathan Neil, Lacey Adair Bishop, David Pickler, William & Kelly Pridgen, Joe Sanders

JULY 2016  The U of M National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, Richard Glassman, Sharon Goldsworthy, Steve and Janice Aiken, Rosemary Higginbotham, Teresa & George Schwartz, Lori & Joel Shores, Doyle & Linda Mosely, Brad & Kay Campbell, Shops of Saddle Creek, PEO Sisterhood, Chapter AA, Phyllis Warmington, Doyle Mosley, David & Beth Pickler, Mr. & Mrs. William Rhodes, Jeanette Mayo, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Rick Grover, Joe Brooks, Janie Day, Hughetta Dudley, Tim Edwards, Minh Le, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jennifer Pearson, Andy Pearson, Jonathan Neil, Lacey Adair Bishop, William & Kelly Pridgen, Joe Sanders

JUNE 2016 Larry & Lynita Cooksey, Ajay Dalal & Stephanie Connelly, Elizabeth Domico, Tom & Elizabeth Farrar, Rosemary Higginbotham, Kirk Christian Church, Barbara Marshall, Paul & Debbie Padawer,  John Pickens & Suzanne Satterfield, David & Beth Pickler, Teresa & George Schwartz, Bart & Charla Sparks, Lisa & Randy Terry, Janice Aiken, Germantown Lions Club, Jeanette Mayo, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Rick Grover, Joe Brooks, Janie Day, Hughetta Dudley,  Tim Edwards, Minh Le, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jennifer Pearson,  Andy Pearson,   Jonathan Neil, Lacey Adair Bishop,  David Pickler, William & Kelly Pridgen, Joe Sanders

GPAC Arts Education Fund, TN Arts Commission, Oberkotter Foundation, IBM, Option Schools,  Kathryn Brown Butler Family, George & Teresa Schwartz,  First Tennessee Bank, Hardin Charitable Trust,  United Way of the Mid South, Lighting Design & Sales, FedEx Services, Valero Memphis Refinery,  1010data Services,  Mustangs of Memphis, Padawer & Associates CPA,  David Pickler, Tennessee Early Intervention, Subsidium Inc., Germantown Woman's Club, Target, GTS Technologies,  Kiwanis Club of Germantown, Somerville Bank & Trust, GoodSearch, Box Tops for Education, Pfizer Foundation, American Snuff Co., Option Schools, Inc., Hope Christian Community Foundation, Independence United Methodist Women, Memphis Hearing Aid, Padawer & Associates, CPA's, Paragon Bank

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