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MOSD Celebrates Mother's Day!

This week, we are learning all about our mommies and all the wonderful things they do for us. Throughout the week we are talking about why we love our mommies (and daddies). Some of the vocabulary we are learning include Mommy, Mom, Mother, parent, love, teach, help, feed, care, protect, guide, family and Mother's Day.  Our week long learning unit will conclude with a special time with our moms, grand moms, great grand moms and special friends on Friday morning as we serve "Muffins for Moms" at 8:30am. 


Some of our classes also learned about plants and flowers.  We talked about springtime gardens and even planted our own window gardens and we will watch them grow the rest of this month.  We are learning the following vocabulary words: garden, flower, vegetable, fruit, plant, seed, water, dirt, stem, and leaves.

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