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Impact America provides vision screenings at MOSD!

Good vision, like good hearing, is key to a child’s physical development, success in school and overall well-being. On Wednesday, September 5th, Impact America came to Memphis Oral School for the Deaf and provided free vision screening to all the students. Hannah Durnan & Madeline Quasebarth were on hand to check each students eyes and test their vision.

Impact America is a non profit that engages college students and recent graduates to work within vulnerable and marginalized communities.  The Memphis team works on three main initiatives:  Focus First, Save First and Stories From the Line.

Focus First is a high tech, non-invasive free vision screening service offered to young children. "The scariest thing about children having vision problems during their preschool years is that they can't detect them—so they can't tell anyone about it. And the most important time to find vision problems is during these early years, when problems can be corrected while visual pathways are still forming."  For more information about Impact America, visit their website https://impactamerica/focusfirst or call 1-855-459-1923

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