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Letter From The Director - January, 2017

Just when the doldrums of winter usually set in at MOSD, January brought us some mild weather.  We had one 70 degree day that brought everyone out to play on the playground.  Spring was in the air and all of the children were feeling the joy of running in the sunshine!  We hope that the groundhog does NOT see his shadow and that this trend continues!


Indoors, our children have learned about outer space, dinosaurs, winter weather and clothing, and birds.  They have also enjoyed learning and practicing nursery rhymes.  Each child has a favorite and has enjoyed performing for his classmates and teachers.

Every activity, every day is designed to help our children learn to listen and talk….and it’s working!!!  Thanks to the continued faithful support of our donors our children are TALKING!  You are always welcome to stop by and share this joy with us!


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