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MOSD Student Activities - April 27 - May 1

Each week that MOSD is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic our professionals are providing activities for students and their families to do at home in addition to their scheduled classroom times and teletherapy! 

Feel free to follow along and do these activities with your family! 

Kitchen Week

Washing Dishes

Listen for differences in language level. Ms Abby and Remy- almost 2, focus on modeling language and having him imitate it. Ms Abby and Rhodes- 3 1/2, have more natural conversations.

Fine Motor and Language

Ms Abby demonstrates how to elicit language while working on fine motor activities. Activities include Cutting or ripping paper (depending on age) and gluing the pieces on, choosing stickers, ....

Putting Away Groceries

Items to gather

  • Groceries
  • Plastic/Paper bags
  • Refrigerator

**If you did not recently go to the store, you can take some food out of your fridge or pantry and have your child help you put them away.


  •  Learning to Listen sounds: mmm
  •  Food Vocabulary (banana, apple, chips, soup, milk, etc.)
  •  Action words (open, close, reach,
  •  Attributes (squishy, sweet, salty, soft, hard, sticky, yummy, a lot, a little)
  •  Location (up, down, side)
  •  Following 1-2 simple directions (e.g. put the ketchup in the fridge)
  •  Joint Attention/Eye Contact--Wait until your child looks at you before you give them another item.
  •  For older/higher kids: Answering wh? Questions (e.g. Where is the milk?); Categorizing (e.g. fruits, vegetables, drinks, snacks, etc.)


  • Sabotage--Put some items out of reach of your child (i.e. on the counter).  This will motivate them to ask for help. 
  • Auditory Sandwich--Give the auditory input first, then show them the item, then give the auditory input again.  Example: “I want an apple,” show the apple, “This is an apple.”  This will help teach them vocabulary, as well as rely more on what they hear. 
  • Use repetition of single words/short phrases and wait expectantly for your child to make attempts at imitation. Repetition is key when it comes to building language!

Baking Cookies


  • Depending on Recipe
  • Cookie Mix, oil, butter, eggs, water, sugar, chocolate chips, milk, etc.
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Oven


  • Prep cookies with your child by following the recipe
  • Let them take the lead as much as possible
  • Have them ‘read’ the recipe if pictures are available
  • Focus on verbs: open, pour, stir, mix
  • Attempt Sabotage: See baking a cake video
  • When ready to bake, remind your child that only adults are allowed to use the oven!

Language Targets

1-2 Word Targets

  • Mmm, yummy!
  • Round and round
  • Open
  • Pour
  • Hot!

3-5 Word Targets

  • I want to stir
  • Open the cookies
  • Crack the egg
  • Mmm, it smells yummy
  • Can I eat one?

6+ Word Targets

  • Encourage higher level thinking by asking questions such as ‘’Why do we need to put the cookies in the oven?” “What should we do next?” “What will these cookies taste like?”
  • Take what your child says to model correct language structures and to add higher level vocabulary.


Preparing Meals

Setting the Table


Washing Dishes

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