Thematic Unit for the Week: Easter!


This week, the children learned about Easter as their thematic unit for the week! 


Starting in Ms. Abby's class, her students learned new words such as eggs, bunnies, chicks and baskets and did Easter activities describing those words!

In Ms. Sue's class, students explored new things pertaining to Easter and did many language activities built around the same Easter theme!

The children in Ms. Holly's class discovered lots of fun facts about bunnies, chicks, Easter baskets, Easter eggs, and jelly beans!

In Ms. Cyndi's class, the graduating class learned new Easter songs, read several books about rabbits and the Easter bunny, dyed Easter eggs and made edible Easter baskets.

Three furry friends came to visit us this week!!  Our students got to pet Ms. Chelsea's furry friend named Cotton! Ms. Sue's student, Abigail, brought in two baby chicks for everyone to see and pet! Thank you for bringing them to school this week!

Then, on Friday Subsidium Inc. hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Check out the pictures below!


WHAT A FUN WEEK! Thank you to the teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers who made this week SO FUN for our children! 



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