These donations are made in honor of a loved one, a friend, great achievements, events, celebrations, and so much more. To mark your donation in honor of someone or something you care about, simply check the box on the donation form or donation page and list the name or item to be honored.


Thank you for your donation to MOSD in HONOR of these special individuals!

YEAR 2018-2019


November 2018

In Honor of Cyndi Eaton by Kristen Hallenbeck

In Honor of Rachel Lunsford by Harry Smith

In Honor of Kaid Johnson by Marcia Vaccario

In Honor of Norman Brown Jr. by Paula Chapman

October 2018

In Honor of Sam Cross by Johnnie Rush

In Honor of Sam Cross by Johnnie Rush

September 2018

In Honor of Lisa Terry by Anonymous 

August 2018

In Honor of Teresa Schwartz by John & Dorothy Ewing

In Honor of Sam Cross by Johnnie Rush

July 2018

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Perry Ross by Robert Phillips




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