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Educational Philosophy

No child is limited by hearing loss...

Every year, thousands of children are born with or acquire some degree of hearing loss

About 95% of these children have some degree of residual, or undamaged, hearing. For these children, sound is amplified through the use of hearing aids or bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA). Only about 5% of children with hearing loss have what can be termed as a "total loss" of hearing. These children are able to receive cochlear implants, giving them access to sound. Since the 1860s, Alexander Graham Bell and other scientists concerned with the auditory process have observed that any degree of hearing can be utilized as an aid to speech development.

As its name implies, the Memphis Oral School for the Deaf utilizes oral, listening and spoken language, instructional methods for the purpose of developing speech and language skills. NO SIGN LANGUAGE IS USED. The goal for every student at MOSD is to learn to listen and talk. Through early intervention, proper amplification, a specialized listening and spoken language education, a child with hearing loss can develop speech and language skills that will allow them to lead independent lives in a world full of sound. 

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