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Sound Voyagers is a program designed for children ages 2-4, who experience speech or language delays for reasons other than hearing loss.

In our Sound Voyagers Program we provide

  • Language and speech therapy for small-group classes
  • Weekly parent training sessions
  • Classroom experience focused on non-hearing-related language delay

Children in Sound Voyagers participate in two sessions per week, each two and a half hours in length, resembling a condensed school day. The curriculum is a mixture of general dayschool education alongside developmental therapy tailored to each child’s needs. Classes are small, typically comprised of only three or four students, and are taught by either Ms. Carmen Martinez or Ms. Katie McLeod, both certified and experienced Speech Language Pathologists.

Classroom activities are structured with a particular focus on vocabulary, phrasing, and visual aids. Children participate in daily lessons as well as student-led fun and games all while being encouraged to communicate and express themselves!

As with all other MOSD programs, Sound Voyagers features parent training sessions, in which family members can work with their child’s instructors on ways to continue learning and development outside the classroom. Family members also receive regular updates on their child’s progress.   

If you have any questions about the Sound Voyagers family training program at MOSD or have concerns about your child's newly diagnosed hearing loss please contact:

Carmen Martinez, M.A. CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist (901) 531-6736

Se habla español aquí. Llame a este número (901) 531-6732 para hablar con una terapista bilingüe.


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