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MOSD Hearing Heroes

We'd like to express our immense gratitude to all our 2022 Hearing Heroes! It's thanks to your support that we're able to provide our students with the instruction, technology, and resources they need to become independent talkers.

Aaron Turek

Alison Bauman

Amelia Ables

Andrew O'Sullivan

Ben Piper

Beth Pickler

Beth & Tom Webb

Bill & Joanna Freeman

Carly Bauer

Cheyenne Thompson

Clay & Andrea Baird

Colleen Mcguine

Crystal Thompson

Danny Welch

Daphne Bawcum

Darrell Mims

David Pickler

Diane Weickenand

Doug Cummings

Elizabeth Domico

J.R. Parsons

James & Karla Rowe

Jamie Lee

Janice Dillon

Jerry Greene

Jesse Demastus

JoAnn Dowdy

Joe Brooks

Josie Currie

Joyce S. Summitt

Katie McLeod

Katie Pickler

Katie Tierney

Kristi McDonald

Lara Thornton

Larry McDaniel

Larry Robertson

Leah Yawn

Lydia Bors-Koefoed

Melanie Roberts

Melissa Greene

Michael Montgomery

Michelle Davenport-Fischer

Nancy Sterling

Pamela Hauber

Paul Coombs

Rachel Lunsford

Ryan Tucker

Salima Shamsuddin

Shane Wofford

Shannon Shearon

Starr Wofford

Susan & Hurley McMillian

Tom & Carole Covington

Vicki Singh

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