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Join the Community of Sound Investment Partners!

Sound Investment Partners are community members who support MOSD students each month. A small investment each month grows into a future of limitless opportunities for young children with hearing loss. You will make a noticeable impact to ensure the gift of speech and sound for a lifetime!

Students receive specialized spoken language instruction in the classroom plus daily listening therapy and speech therapy, as well as audiological support. A monthly commitment to pay for part of these unique services makes a profound impact on a child learning listening and spoken language skills needed to mainstream into kindergarten. Though MOSD receives some funding to support audiological services, therapy services and our specialized education program, there remains a gap between the cost of services and amount received from tuition and public funds. 

Your monthly commitment provides specialized speech and language training so that our young students are prepared to go to their local kindergarten with their hearing classmates ready to learn and succeed. 

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