Our Donors & Friends

                        The greatest return on an investment is to give it a voice.

The cost to educate one child is $50,000 per year. Because of your help, no child has ever been turned away for a family’s inability to pay. Your support is vital to insuring that these children receive the necessary services at the most critical time for learning speech and language. 

Our most sincere thanks to these individuals, businesses and organizations for your gifts to MOSD.  With your generous support our children can say "Thank You" for themselves!

Your gifts throughout the year provide specialized speech and language training - without the use of sign language - so that our young students are prepared to go to their local kindergarten with their hearing classmates, ready to learn and succeed.

Thank you to those who have supported MOSD in 2018-2019 School Year!

February 2019 

Kendra Scott, A2H, Inc., Judy & Winn Stevenson, Mary Matthies, Johnnie Rush, Rosemary Higginbotham, Guild Mortgage, L&S Fish and Hotwings, Sue & Brian Carney, Mustangs of Memphis, Fleming Architects, Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Giles, Lisa Terry, Belly Acres, Commercial Bank & Trust, Evolve Bank & Trust, Comcast Business 

Jayaprakash Bandu, Lacey Bishop, Joe Brooks, Barry Clay, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Hughetta Dudley, Tim Edwards,  Rick Grover, Lauren Hays, Tayler Jones, Minh Le, Jackie Lucas, Jeanette Mayo, Tyler McFarland, J.R. Parsons, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jennifer Pearson, William & Kelly Pridgen, Lee Scifres, Kirk Taylor, Lisa Terry, Bruce Tieck

January 2019

Tri-State Plumbing and Heating, State Systems, Jacqueline & Michael Gammill, Janet & Mike Parkey, Liz & Chip Walker, Tom Watson, Jo & Dick Allen, Memphis Hearing Aid, Gege Sinclair, Johnnie Rush, Alexa Shelley, Joy Hancock, Merrill & John Greenlee, Mary Neff, Willadean Hogue, James Griggs, Memphis Equipment Co., Ashtoria Aesthetics & Wellness, Hemanth Veluswamy, McHenry Family Fund Inc., Edward Castro, Michael Counce, Titan Orthopedics of Memphis, Brad Yount, Irfan Ali, Shawn Hayden, Jill Haag, Mia Atkinson, Sujit Mehr, Alexander Meyer, Ed Coleman, Debora Ferrell, James Cash, Staci Scalia, Michael Carroll, Walmart, Leslie Moscow, Roberta Hefley, Mary Watson, Alia Wealth Partners, Trigon Sports, Jantran Inc., Sharon & James Ashmore, Judy & Clarke Reed, Norma Mixon, Judith Driskell, Anonymous, Stephanie Connelly, Network for Good, Amber Gifford, Miller Protective, Mary & Darrell Blaylock, Kay Elkins, Paragon Bank, Elizabeth Domico, Tower Ventures, Sharon & Steve Chandler, Barbara Caldwell, Jayaprakash Bandu, Lacey Bishop, Joe Brooks, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Hughetta Dudley, Tim Edwards,  Rick Grover, Lauren Hays, Tayler Jones, Minh Le, Jackie Lucas, Jeanette Mayo, Tyler McFarland, J.R. Parsons, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jennifer Pearson, William & Kelly Pridgen, Lee Scifres, Kirk Taylor, Lisa Terry, Bruce Tieck

December 2018

George & Betty Johnson, Johnnie Rush, George Gill, Amber Cagle, Linda Rosenblatt, Teresa Schwartz, Kyle Wiltse, Tejesh & Nishel Patel, Erica Orrison, Brian Olivard, Alan & Becky Chambers, Bill Freeman, Douglas Laurie, Ruth Edmonds, Rosemary Higginbotham, Beth Pickler, Christy Alberson, Jared Woodard, Jane Russell, Jayaprakash Bandu, Lacey Bishop, Joe Brooks, Scott & Janet Dempsey, Hughetta Dudley, Tim Edwards,  Rick Grover, Lauren Hays, Tayler Jones, Minh Le, Jackie Lucas, Jeanette Mayo, Tyler McFarland, J.R. Parsons, Ken Pasley, Andy Pearson, Jennifer Pearson, William & Kelly Pridgen, Lee Scifres, Kirk Taylor, Lisa Terry, Bruce Tieck

November 2018

Southern Bells Doll Club, Mid South CFS, Valero Memphis Refinery, Alfonse Pilato, Debbie Lynch, Lisa Jenkins, Kirk Taylor, Harry L.Smith, Marcia Vaccario, JR & Phyllis Morris, Charlotte Miller, Brittany Pellegra, Ginger Ragan, Diane Nalefski,Wells Fargo Advisors, Willadean Hogue, Janice Brown, Paula Chapman, Keith & Christy Miller, Medtronic, Jesse Demastus, Julie Mercer, Brandon Privett, Lauren Felts, Kristen Hallenbeck, James Stauber, Betty Jo Hill, Millicent Carmouche, Pat Holmes, Kathryn Garrett, Laura Taylor, Enterprise Holdings, Whitney Robinson, Roberta Hefley, Jana Welch, Thomas Bell, Rhonda Kimberlin, Kecia Jo Turner, Brian R Carney, Lisa Jackson, Elizabeth Ballantyne Smith, Lavinna Bain, James Hampton, Tamara Jones, Tonja Thompson, Angela Walton, Kemeliah Allen, Sandra Mathes, Thomas Mathes, Deborah Hoyle, Fred Hoyle, Tonyal Mathes, Lana Reynolds, Tracy Poppenheimer, Teresa Edwards, Paul Faulkner, Kelly Counce's Giving Tuesday Individual Facebook Fundraiser, Kristy Bell's Giving Tuesday Individual Facebook Fundraiser, James Stauber's Giving Tuesday Individual Facebook Fundraiser, Ginger Ragan's Giving Tuesday Individual Facebook Fundraiser, Cheyenne Thompson


October 2018

OPTIONS School Inc., VooDoo Café, Target, Steven Pearson (IBM), Facebook Birthday Fundraiser, Wells Fargo Advisors, Assisi Foundation, Rocky Janda, Judge Robert Childers, Paul & Debbie Padawer


Metal Removal Technologies, Jerry Greene, Janice Isenberg, GPAC, Bill & Sandy Gates, The Reaves Firm, Inc., Mary Raymer, Republican Women of Purpose, Evolve Bank & Trust, Mike Palazzolo, Amy Newman, Janet Dempsey & Greystone & Co., Renasant Bank, SHI, Inventory Locator Service (ILS), Kevin Saum, Scott & Janet Dempsey, YASH Technologies Inc, Homer Skelton Ford, Northcentral Electric Power, Facebook Birthday Fundraiser, Southland Park Gaming & Racing, Kroger Community Rewards, Anonymous, Lakshmi Visvanathan, & First Tennessee


Tasco Sales, Titan Pallet Co., The Woolery, Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, Stephen Bratkowski Memorial Foundation, Envision Business Solutions, Winn & Judy Stephenson, John & Dorothy Ewing, Randy & Martha Pieroni, Susan & Jerry Edmonds, Johnnie Rush, Rosemary Higginbotham, Richard Grover, Nicki Kellum, Envision Business Solutions, Cambridge Clinic Inc. , Big League Movers, Ashtoria Aesthetics & Wellness, Barbara Caldwell, Doyle & Linda Mosley, Jimmy & Cathy Mosley, Trigon Sports, Johnson Controls, Larry & Ouida Cowan, Tom & Beth Webb, Kyle Wiltse, BurgerFi, Lee & Larry Sisson, Subsidium Inc., Sedgwick, SandStorm IT Inc., Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance

JULY 2018

J.R. Parsons, Kendall & Jamie McCurry, Extra Credit Inc., Target Cybergrants, Robert Phillips, John & Evelyn Stevens, Ronny & Brenda Hawkins, Lauren Hays, Children's Foundation of Memphis, American Snuff Charitable Trust, Caroline & Chris Spencer, Pickler Companies, Harold & Mary Ann Scifres, Chad Redd, Barons Man Cave, Comcast Business, GTS Technologies

Thank you to those who have supported MOSD in 2017-2018 School Year!

JUNE 2018

Target, Kathy Liggett, in Memory of Woody Day, Gerald & Terry Drumwright, in Memory of Woody Day, Robert Blankenship, In Honor of Lisa and Scott Marcom, MOSD Board, in Memory of Woody Day, Johnnie Rush, in Honor of Sam Cross, Don & Ann Forsyth, George Carnall, Extra Credit Inc., A Duncan, Campbell Clinic, in Memory of Woody Day, GPAC, c/o Bob Hamilton, Germantown Chamber Commerce, in Memory of Woody Day, Urban Child Institute, Kiwanis Club of Germantown, The Arkles, in Memory of Woody Day, Windyke CC, in Memory of Woody Day, Janie Pardue Charles, in Memory of Woody Day, Zell, in Memory of Woody Day, Shelia Walton & Jim Benton, in Memory of Woody Day, Brenda Fuller, in Honor of Lisa Terry, Katitza Schmidt, , in Memory of Woody Day, Edward & Nora Donahue, in Memory of Woody Day, Laura Barden, in Memory of Woody Day

MAY 2018

Ellen Gaw, Kayla Millar, Patricia Adams, Susan Edmonds, Lisa Terry, Elizabeth Domico, Jerry & Linda Greene, Judy Greene, Avon & Carl Spears, Allen Family Foundation, Price Harris, Jamie Goldring, Target, Joy Hancock, OPTION Schools, Lee Sisson, In Honor of Teresa Schwartz, Lee Sisson, In Honor of Rosemary Higginbotham, Rachel Hinckley, In Honor of Teresa Schwartz, Melissa Morris, Amy Egerman, In Memory of Woody Day, Teresa Schwartz, In Memory of Woody Day, VooDoo Café, Kathy Liggett, In Memory of Woody Day

APRIL 2018

Lacey and Brandon Bishop, FedEx, Wells Fargo Advisors, Stephanie Connelly & Ajay Dalal, Lee Grinspan, Subsidium, Kevin & Kim Humphries, Heather Danielson, Jeremy & Matthew Thacker-Rhodes, American Residential Services, Elaine Ervin, Bertha Norris, Jane Hayes, Ben & Betsy Landers, Kroger, Johnnie Rush, In Honor of Sam Cross, Target, Elaine Barnes, In Honor of Lisa Terry, Friends of Subsidium, Germantown Women's Club, Dorrie Jean Simms, Sandra Wilson, June Boswell, Tina Conner, Schuyler Smith, Elaine Cates, Carole Gray, Mosley Mfg. & Machine Works, Inc., In Memory of Leslie B. Lampton, Irvin & Deanna Serenco, &  Johnnie Rush, In Honor of Sam Cross

MARCH 2018

Paragon Bank, Barbara Oliver, In Memory of Raymond Higginbotham, Maddox Foundation, MS RiverKings, Sedgwick, Johnnie Rush- In Honor of Sam Cross, Hilary & Donald Karchmer- In Memory of Tommy Johnson, Matt Reese, Donna Hoffman- In Memory of Tommy Johnson, Mustangs of Memphis, Karen Hill, Janet & Don Dempsey, David & Shannon Lenoir- In Honor of Teresa Schwartz, Spectrum Lighting, David & Shannon Lenoir- In Honor of Brittany Pellegra, Julie & William Duncan, Commercial Bank & Trust, Alison Bauman


Norman Brown, Glenn & Amy Newman, Magnolia Homes, Valerie  Monismith, State Systems, Johnnie Rush, Brian & Sue Carney, Stephanie & AJ Connelly, James Van Hoose, Kay Elkins, Robert  Mayes, TOBI.COM, Kyle Wiltse, Memphis Hearing Aid, Evolve Bank & Trust, Tri-State Plumbing, Laura Taylor, Theresa Andreuccetti, Jeanie Daughdrill, Veesart Financial, Barbara Caldwell, Trigon Sports, John Moses, David Templeton, John & Diane Grover, Shea Ear Clinic, Johnnie & K.K.Gross, Natalie McClulley-Regions Insurance of TN, Paul Barcroft-Regions Insurance of TN, Ashley Ragan, Dan & Ellen Gaw, Winn & Judy Stephenson, Jill Reynolds, Susan & Randy Snider


Fundracer LLC, Voodoo Cafe, International Paper Foundation, Susan & Jerry Edmonds, Johnnie Rush, Monogram Foods Family, Linda Burt, Dazzle, Kendra Scott, Joy Hancock, Mary Raymer, Lisa & Martin Thompson, Oberkotter Foundation, Lori & Joel Shores, Jeremy Thacker-Rhodes, Hemanth Veluswamy, Minesh Pathak, Cooper-Williamson, Stephanie Hatley, Sujit Mehr, John & Stephanie Koshak, James Renfrow, John Garza, Shawn McGhee, Kevin Dean, Ed Coleman, Dr. John Lochemes, Shegufta Dismukes, H. D. Adcock, Ryan Patrick Salon, Henry Dalsania, Abhishek & Tejal Patel, Richard Bartl, Larry & Ouida Cowan, Rosemary Higginbotham, Bruce MacDonald


Ken Pasley, GNO Group, William Thomas Crutcher, Louise Hoffmann, Jason & Cindy Wilkes, David & Leah Mire, Harvey Middleton, Greystone & Co., Mark Phelps, 
Charlotte Underwood, John Hicks, Anita Schrimsher, Peggy Larkin, David & Marsha Corbett, Frank & Mary Markus, Ann Wieties, Wave & Perri McFarland, Johnnie & KK Gross    


Paul & Debbie Padawer, Jeffrey & Annette Jones, Bill Rhodes, Elizabeth Fields, Mark Skobel, Edward Newton, Matthew Kiesel, Dawn Vincent, Brian & Danielle Young, Philip Branning, Mart & Denise Sesler, Target, Douglas Laurie, Rosemary Higginbotham, Morgan Snow Tate, Mosley Mfg., Sisson & Sisson, Padawer & Associates, CPA's, Charlie & Maureen Smithers, Bill Freeman, Southern Brown Rice, Ron & Willadean Hogue, Joy Hancock, Mary Campbell, Julie Kinney


Corey Alger, Alger Design Studio, Johnnie Rush, Lakshmi Visvanathan, Amber Cagle, Hannah & Wayne Yeh, Stix Restaurant, Simmons Bank, Don & Roben Jacimore, Teresa & George Schwartz, Target, Dr. Webster & Sandy Riggs, Subsidium, Beth & David Pickler, Richard Berry, Berry & Caccamisi, Jackie Harris


Lindsey Donovan, Gayla Allen, Glen Tedford, Susan Edmonds, Hughetta Dudley, Joe Sanders, Joel Deer, Winn & Judy Stephenson, Lee & Larry Sisson, John & KK Gross, Chad Tow, Patricia Adams, Janice Isenberg, Stueart Hudsmith, DDS, David Stolzle, Craig Barnes


Assisi Foundation, GPAC, US Smokeless Tobacco, Johnson Controls, Enterprise Realtors, Tasco Sales Reps, Shea Ear Clinic, Trigon Sports International, Homer Skelton Ford, Wells Fargo Advisors, The Woolery, Glenn & Amy Newman, Lacey & Brandon Bishop, Ginger & Ashley Ragan, Kyle Monteverde, Rosemary Higginbotham, Andrew Hosea & Family, Northcentral Electric Power Assn, Ken & Janet Robbins in Memory of David H. Quarles, Johnnie Rush in Honor of Sam Cross, Barbara Oliver in Honor of Rosemary Higginbotham

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