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See and HEAR the proof...

How beautiful are the voices of those who value sound?

Since 1959, hundreds of children have graduated from MOSD and have become productive citizens in our community. Their journeys are the proof of investing in early intervention.

  • Aurice was diagnosed at 8 weeks old with hearing loss and received hearing aids at 3 months old. Like many other students, Aurice had a progressive hearing loss, making her a candidate for cochlear implants. With the help of her audiologist, teachers and therapists at MOSD, she learned language and was able to mainstream into Immaculate Conception Cathedral School. Reading is her favorite subject. She plays piano, soccer, basketball, ballet, and she is working on her yellow belt in Taekwondo. She loves Star Wars and Pokémon. Aurice is able to talk just like her hearing peers, equipping her for an independent life.

  • Abbey

    Abbey was born profoundly deaf and received one cochlear implant at age 2. Early intervention, audiological services, and therapy at MOSD prepared Abbey to mainstream into her local kindergarten program. Abbey stopped receiving speech therapy by 2nd grade because her clarity of speech was parallel to that of her hearing peers. She graduated from high school in May 2016 and is now enrolled in the Shackhols Honors College at Mississippi State University. She has received a full scholarship from the Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program and is majoring in elementary education.

  • Brantley

    Brantley attended MOSD in the early 90s when audiological technology was beginning to advance and improve. Even with having just one cochlear implant, specialized teachers and therapists helped him learn language. He was able to mainstream into Bartlett Elementary with no need for sign language. He attended University of Memphis and was active in the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc and Alpha Kappa Psi business professional fraternity. He is a songwriter, comedian, and currently works at the Army Management Staff Colllege. "I found my way to be one of a kind."


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