These donations are made in memory of a loved one, a family member, a friend, and to recognize the passing of an individual. To mark your donation in memory of someone or something you care about, simply check the box on the donation form or donation page and list the name or item to be memorialized.

  • OZZIE PRIMA, by Ajay Dalal & Stephanie Connelly
  • BARBARA MARSHALL, by Tom & Elizabeth Farrar
  • AGNES CRISCI & GEORGE HOLMES, by Barbara Marshall
  • JIM RAY by Lisa Terry
  • MARTHA FAIR & BETSY CAMPBELL by Beth & David Pickler
  • JASON SIMPSON & ALEX BRODSKY by Patrick & Donna Hoffman
  • JIMMY SMITH, by Rosemary Higginbotham
  • ULYS WARD, by Rosemary Higginbotham
  • ROBERT COX LANIER II, by Donna & Pat Hoffman
  • TARIN MCLARNON, by Donna & Pat Hoffman
  • JIMMY SMITH, by Beth & David Pickler
  • TROY NORWOOD, by Teresa & George Schwartz
  • JERRY WOOD, by Teresa & George Schwartz
  • JIMMY SMITH, by Teresa & George Schwartz
  • ULYS WARD, by Teresa & George Schwartz
  • ULYS WARD, by Joan Ward
  • LOUISE MITCHELL CIRTAIN, by Mr. and Mrs. David Whitehead

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