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February 2024 - Themes and Photos

Can you believe our first full month back at school is already over? Our students had so much fun in the month of February, and we’d like to share a little bit of it with you. Check out our lesson recap and photo gallery to see what we learned about throughout the month!

Feb 5-9               Dinosaurs

Everybody loves dionaurs! This week, our students learned about different types of dinos and participated in tons of fun activities, like making their own fossils, hatching toy dinosaurs, and watching a paper-mâché volcano erupt!

Feb 12-16           Wild, Wild West

A fun filled week full of hootin’ and hollerin’! During Wild West Week, our kids learned all about what cowboys and cowgirls do and the tools they use. Activities included a stuffed animal livestock show, decorating cowboy boots, and the grand finale, the MOSD Rodeo Day!

Feb 26-Mar 1      Community Helpers

Community Helpers Week focuses on all the different people that help our community every day. Kids received visits from all sorts of helpers, including firefighters, police officers, a doctor, a construction worker, an artist, and a veterinarian!

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