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Speech & Language News - January, 2017

January has been such a fun month in our therapy department and in the classroom! The children have learned about winter clothes, winter weather, outer space, birds, and nursery rhymes. We were so excited to actually get to use our new vocabulary during the "snow day". Since the weather is often very cold during this month, you may have to spend a lot of time indoors. There are so many books and fun activities to use during this time. Here is a resource that you can use with your child at home:

It is so important to read to your child every day to enhance his/her receptive and expressive language skills. It will also foster important pre-literacy skills that are essential for academic success. Incorporating creative craft activities with books is especially fun for little ones.

We hope you enjoy reading and talking to your children about winter, snow, clothing, and cold things as much as we do!



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