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Speech & Language News - December, 2017

Dear Parents,

Our Sound Beginnings program continues to grow with three new families since September! We are so excited to welcome these little ones into the MOSD family. We also have two little girls transitioning from Sound Beginnings into Ms. Abby’s classroom in January, and we cannot wait for them to spend every day with us each week!

Transitions often mean “going new places,” which can sometimes be challenging for families who feel they have just figured out the daily routine. I have my own 6 month-old, so I know how much work it can be just to get out of the house. However, the holidays are always a busy time full of extra errands, trips out of town, etc. Although your home is your child’s first “classroom,” your child also benefits greatly from “going new places” with exciting sights, smells, and sounds. Hearing First offers an excellent guide for incorporating listening and language into adventures outside of your home titled LSL Day by Day: Going New Places


Memphis and the surrounding areas offer a wealth of opportunities (free and at a cost) to get out and about for some extra holiday spirit. Starry Nights at Shelby Farms, Zoo Lights at the Memphis Zoo, Christmas at Graceland, Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops, a drive around town to look at Christmas lights and decorations, and the Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees and the Pink Palace Museum are sure to engage your child and provide lots of listening and language opportunities!

Remember--- it is essential that your child wear his or her devices to fully experience each event. These events are often busy and noisy, but rest assured that audiologists routinely program hearing devices so that no sounds can be amplified to an uncomfortable level.  All of the sounds are part of the fun, and we don’t want our children missing out!

We hope all of you enjoy the break from school, and we cannot wait to hear stories about all of the fun the holidays bring!


Katie McLeod, Sound Beginnings Coordinator

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