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November Hearing Heroes Streaming Fundraiser

Coming in November, MOSD is teaming up with Nick Black for a fundraiser streaming live on Tiltify and Twitch platforms.  Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform where people from all over the world log on to chat and watch their favorite entertainers.  Tiltify is an online video-based fundraising platform.  When these two emerging technologies combine, it creates innovative and epic fundraising!

Memphis musician Nick Black will be live streaming his performance on Twitch and "raiding" other channels to multiply the audience.  All proceeds from donations will benefit MOSD.  We are so excited to venture into this new territory and unleash the power of Nick Black, Twitch, and Tiltify to raise funds for our school.  We are calling the fundraiser Hearing Heroes because that's what our streaming friends are to us - our heroes!  By raising funds for the kids at MOSD, they are literally giving the gift of sound, making it possible for our students to receive the critical services they need to access a world of sound and become a part of the hearing world.  We'd like to thank Nick Black for his stewardship in spearheading this effort to bring MOSD fundraising to a whole new level. 

Stay tuned for more details about the streaming schedule and how you can get in on the fun as a sponsor, donor, or viewer.  In the meantime, you can check out Nick Black's music on Twitch by visiting:  While you are there, be sure to click the heart button to FOLLOW Nick so you can be alerted whenever he streams Live.


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