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Since Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE, we celebrate Love for the entire month of February and really EVERY day at MOSD!  We have enjoyed warmer weather and playing outside again during this early burst of Spring.  Flowers are beginning to bloom and so our Valentine LOVE has turned into Spring love, too!


We have just added two new students at the end of January to our 2 year old classrooms.  They have both made great adjustments to their new friends and teachers.  One of our students just received bi-lateral cochlear implants.  One of his implants was activated this week and he began hearing for the first time…..always an emotional day and celebration for families and staff at MOSD!


To all of our donors and volunteers……..I can’t thank you enough for all of your support through the years.  Without your help our children would not be able to experience these miracles and have a place to get a “Sound Beginning” for their education.  We LOVE you!

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