These donations are made in memory of a loved one, a family member, a friend, and to recognize the passing of an individual. To mark your donation in memory of someone or something you care about, simply check the box on the donation form or donation page and list the name or item to be memorialized.


Thank you for your donation to MOSD in MEMORY of these special individuals!

YEAR 2018-2019



In Memory of Lottie Barnes by Randy & Martha Pieroni

In Memory of Chuck Weeks by Doyle & Linda Mosley

In Memory of Chuck Weeks by Jimmy & Cathy Mosley

JULY 2018

In Memory of Woody Day by Kendall & Jamie McCurry

In Memory of Woody Day by John & Evelyn Stevens

In Memory of Woody Day by Ronny & Brenda Hawkins

In Memory of Woody Day by Caroline & Chris Spencer

In Memory of Woody Day by Chad Redd



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