Sound Investment Partners


Every month, we learn new words and gain skills to enter kindergarten

OUR MOST SINCERE THANKS GOES OUT TO THESE SPECIAL FRIENDS WHO GIVE MONTHLY TO MOSD! With your generous support, our children can say, "THANK YOU" for themselves!

Bandu, Jayaprakash

Bishop, Lacey

Brooks, Joe

Clay, Barry

Dempsey, Scott & Janet 

Dudley, Hughetta

Edwards, Tim

Grover, Rick

Hays, Lauren

Le, Minh

Lucas, Jackie

Mayo, Jeanette

McFarland, Tyler

Parsons, J.R.

Pasley, Ken

Pearson, Andy

Pearson, Jennifer

Pridgen, William & Kelly

Scifres, Lee

Terry, Lisa

Tieck, Bruce

Your gifts throughout the year provide specialized speech and language training - without the use of sign language - so that our young students are prepared to go to their local kindergarten with their hearing classmates, ready to learn and succeed. 



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