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Children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing are learning listening and language skills needed to enter kindergarten!


Bandu, Jayaprakash

Brooks, Joe

Clay, Barry

Demastus, Jesse

Dempsey, Scott & Janet 

Dudley, Hughetta

Edwards, Tim

Hays, Lauren

Hill, Jody

Jones, Tayler

Lucas, Jackie

Mayo, Jeanette

McFarland, Tyler

Parsons, J.R.

Pasley, Ken

Pearson, Andy

Pearson, Jennifer

Pridgen, William & Kelly

Ragan, Ginger 

Rhea, Lindsey

Rush, Johnnie

Scifres, Lee

Taylor, Kirk

Terry, Lisa

Tieck, Bruce

Walther, James

Your gifts throughout the year provide specialized speech and language training - without the use of sign language - so that our young students are prepared to go to their local kindergarten with their hearing classmates ready to learn and succeed. 




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