July Classroom News!



Please take a moment to see your child's photo on their first week to school!


BACK TO SCHOOL! This week, MOSD students had hands-on experiences with summer themed activities such as learning how to make lemonade, understanding how a watermelon grows, and making homemade ice cream. The students ended the school week with an ice cream party!



This week, MOSD students got to explore items and experiences involved in a camping trip! The teachers set up a “campsite” complete with tents, sleeping bags, and a “campfire”. Everyone had an opportunity to “sleep” in a sleeping bag, to use a flashlight to see in the dark, to build a “fire”, to make s’mores, to go on a hike and scavenger hunt, to go on a bear hunt, to go fishing, and so much more. 


We always love to end July with the Beach/Ocean/Swimming unit!  The students incorporated beach and ocean items that were needed for a day of fun in the water to introduce the targeted vocabulary words. The students had the opportunity to pretend to make several pretend trips to the water during the week. On Thursday, the students got to participate in Water Fun Day!  The children enjoyed this day so much because they had the opportunity to have a wonderful time playing together in the water (small pools, sprinklers, etc.)!


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